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All-in-One realtime cinematic production

The expression of CG cinematics in video games, movies, and animated films have made remarkable strides with the advancement of technology and tools. However, no matter how much technology advances, a project cannot be successful unless it is completed within schedule and resource constraints. SAFEHOUSE provides a multifaceted solution to the challenges of deadlines and human resources in the field of cinametic production by creating efficient and reliable production pipelines. Our team of renowned domestic and international artists, with experience in numerous world-class IP production, promises SAFEHOUSE's clients the highest level of quality and innovation in terms of creativity and top-class technology.

Our Services

Realtime cinematic production All in One

All-in-One realtime cinematic production

We specialize in not just conventional pre-rendering CG cinematic production, but in real-time cinematic production using Unreal Engine. From project planning to delivery, we oversee the entire process and promise to deliver quick and high-quality work, with cooperation not only from our internal staff members, but also from our network of talented domestic and international staff.

  • Pipeline Creation

    Led by artist Erasmus Brosdau, who previously worked at Crytek and directed the world's first VR benchmark, “Skyharbor”, we use cutting-edge technology and know-how from industry veterans to create the best possible pipeline that is unique to each body of work.

  • Animation Production

    Our animators work to the industry's highest global standards to ensure high-quality handkey animation.

  • Motion Capture

    Our in-house cutting-edge motion capture studio has three times more cameras than conventional studios, which reduces the time required for data cleaning and allows for more detailed and finessed motion capture shooting.  [More Details]

  • Modeling (Environment and Characters)

    We create incomparable models for games, animation, live-action, and all other types of visual productions to enhance the quality of any cinematic work. Upon request, we also provide model concepting and design support.

  • Virtual Production (Live-action compositing)

    Our filming team and CG production team can work together to composite, in real time and using Unreal Engine, footage shot using a green screen with background assets. We have developed a simple, lightweight, yet practical and highly mobile virtual production system.

  • VR/AR

    We provide technical support not only for entertainment-related productions, but also for a wide range of fields such as construction, healthcare, and mobility. Especially in the field of VR and AR, which are highly-coveted fields, we can propose solutions that meet the needs of our clients, and create content that best suits said needs.

  • Other

    In cooperation with AREA 35, Inc., our affiliate game planning and development company, we also provide consultation and assistance in the development of production tools and systems.



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