We are committed to providing an environment where artists can grow and thrive

We believe that the most important thing for us is to be a place where we can inspire artists to grow. We're not looking to grow just a business, we want the people involved in the actual production process to develop as full-fledged artists and contribute to our power as a studio that creates first-class entertainment. In addition to providing the best working environment for artists to demonstrate their abilities, we have several veteran artists on-staff with world-class achievements, including former Blizzard Entertainment employees, who provide not only technical instruction, but the education necessary to make sure artists can compete on a global level. In addition to hiring talented artists, we have also introduced a long-term internship-type “apprenticeship program” for enthusiastic students, to further our philosophy to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers.


Apprenticeship Program
(Online individual classes)

Apprenticeship Program

In addition to seminars and lectures, we have started a one-on-one mentorship system called the apprenticeship program, which is a long-term internship system that lasts one year or more. The apprenticeship program provides remote training using e-mail and other communication tools for students who wish to become environment modelers and meet certain requirements. We are confident that, by providing the best advice from both technical and theoretical aspects, students can acquire the ability to become immediately competitive in the modeling industry and grow into globally-competitive artists.

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